Angela Graham

Capturing childhood silliness and adventure

Angela Graham - Writer

Angela Graham was born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. She studied at the University of Waterloo briefly before moving on to complete her undergraduate studies in Commerce at the University of Ottawa and, subsequently, her MBA at the University of Georgia, USA.


Angela has spent the majority of her career in business: consulting for businesses, strategic planning for businesses, transforming businesses, running her own business, inspiring business leaders - everything business.


All this business kept Angela occupied, but her real life work began the day her first child and son was born, and then it exponentially grew a year and a bit later when her daughter came along. Angela focused on her family and put her business career on the sidelines, paying it just enough attention to let her come and go from the professional arena as required.


While at home with her children, between loads of laundry, diaper changes, grocery runs and play dates, Angela enjoyed writing for her children. She wrote journals and stories that she hoped will provide many years of memories.


Angela has published two children's books this year and continues to write new adventures.


Angela currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, is married and balances the many competing needs of family, career and two very busy children.

"A dog-narrated adventure for young readers full of action, heart and heroics." 

--Kirkus Reviews