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"An action adventure about two kids and their dog surviving in the wilderness.

"The success of Toby as a narrator comes from the balance of his canine and human qualities; as a dog, he chases loons, loves kibble and licks faces, but as a narrator, he offers descriptions of the action and insights into characters. Together with his amiable character and strong voice, Toby is a real, three-dimensional character; young readers will be drawn in by the dog’s big heart and heroic spirit. The human characters are just as compelling. Evelyn shows herself to be a capable, smart young girl, ... and Graham is a thoughtful older brother.

"A dog-narrated adventure for young readers full of action, heart and heroics."

--Kirkus Reviews

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"Toby the dog leads the reader through this series of unfortunate events with the unique perspective conveyed through a dog’s eyes. He reasons in the very way one would hope a beloved pet would think: intense loyalty, intelligence, bravery, and love. 

"To the young reader, this story presents a valuable example of the phenomenon of choices – how one choice can transform a quiet day by the lake into a chaotic scene of fear and real danger for this family. It provides a platform for the reader to consider how things ended up happening the way they did, and how the reader would have done things differently.

"[T]he reader can sympathize with these unlikely heroes and cheer them on through one of the worst 24 hours of living ever experienced." 


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"[I]t is a fun, quick and intriguing read, especially for the older child or young teen. The book would also, in my opinion, make a good and suspenseful bedtime story that parents could read a few pages each night to their child(ren), perhaps above the age of 8 or also a great book for classrooms."

Julie, Goodreads

"This an exciting, fast-paced, great adventure. One that you must read. An excellent book for anyone." 

Ladyliz, Goodreads

"[T]his is an action and adventure book that just doesn't stop! The kids loved reading it, and so did I!" 


"Loved it, great imagination, did not want to put the book down."


"[I]t make a nice size chapter book for young reader that would like a good adventure to sink their teeth into.  This is a true action adventure that moves right along with almost non-stop action." 

Bookroom Reviews 

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