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Angela Graham

Capturing childhood silliness and adventure

Praise for Escape from Killarney

[Y]oung readers will be drawn in by the dog’s big heart and heroic spirit. 

—Kirkus Reviews

A dog-narrated adventure for young readers full of action, heart and heroics.

—Kirkus Reviews

Toby the dog leads the reader through this series of unfortunate events with the unique perspective conveyed through a dog’s eyes. He reasons in the very way one would hope a beloved pet would think: intense loyalty, intelligence, bravery, and love. 


[A] true action adventure that moves right along with almost non-stop action. —Bookroom Reviews 

Praise for What is Growing Out of Your Ear?

"It was a creative, lighthearted short story nicely illustrated throughout. I imagine it would be an ideal book for a child to learn to read, as well as one to listen to." 

Sandi, Goodreads

"[O]h so funny. Jake wants me to read and reread it to him. Brilliant."                                                                                       Christine, Goodreads

"[I]t is now his favourite book. [It] is a must before bedtime."

                                                                         —Father of Adrien (2 yrs)