Angela Graham

Capturing childhood silliness and adventure

Up Close and Personal with Angela Graham

Age: 29-ish and holding...

Place of Birth: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. When I was born, it was called Galt, South Waterloo. That was "way back in the 1900's", as my daughter loves to remind me.

Childhood: The closest things I had to electronics when growing up were a LiteBrite and an Easy Bake Oven. Despite that, I had a wonderful childhood. It was filled with plenty of imaginative play. I spent almost all of it playing outside, climbing trees, swimming in the neighbourhood pool, scooping up tadpoles, netting butterflies and catching fireflies.

Favourite Authors: When I was growing up, I read everything Judy Blume. There were days when I felt no one in this world understood me better than her. My favourite author to read to my children was Robert Munsch. He made us all laugh. As an adult, my favourite author is JK Rowling. She provides me just the right escape I need.

Education: I attended Southwood Secondary School where I spent most of my time glued to my school books. I loved school, much to even my parents' bewilderment. During high school, I fostered my creativity in the high school band.

Post Secondary Education: I began university at the University of Waterloo, hoping to become a teacher. (This dream was not to be until many years following university.) As funds were not as abundant as the fun I was having, the term I was required to spend studying in France did not materialize as expected. So, I packed my bags, with only a couple of measly dollars in my pocket, and headed for Ottawa where I found a wonderful job working for a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractor that not only provided me the means to complete my undergraduate studies, but also provided me my first husband. A few years into my career found me studying for my Masters at the University of Georgia. Both degrees I earned while working full time. This is where I developed my uncanny ability to multitask dramatically.

Career: I spent the majority of my career thriving as a Management Consultant and worked on several complex projects that developed large, transformative corporate systems, writing about them the whole way. That's not near as much fun as writing stories, mind you. I left consulting to become an administrator at a local college, where I toiled away for a couple of years. While still at the college, I have recently made the jump from management to part-time professor to chase my elusive teacher dream and to enable me more time to write and balance the ever-competing demands of life. 

Family: I am married to my second husband, Michael, who is ever-patient and loving. We are constantly entertained by our children.

Pets: Our family dog, Toby, who you will meet in Escape from Killarney, is a part Golden Retriever, part Border Collie, and is forever on the go. In addition to the dog, we have two bunnies, Hermione and Bella (guess which books we enjoyed reading...) who have the opposite energy level than Toby. Even when set free, they won't venture more than a couple of hops away. We also have a 20 gallon tank of fish who stare at us all day long.

Our Home: We live in a suburb of Ottawa which boasts an express transit route at our front door, yet backs on to a beautifully forested ravine. We bought this home because it reminded me of the forest out back during my childhood and I felt that this would be a wonderful place to raise children. And it is. What I did not expect was the enjoyment I get from gazing into the woods. We routinely see deer gracefully walking by, our compost bin is frequented by raccoons, the birds sing all day long and the squirrels constantly taunt Toby. It makes the mosquitoes almost bearable. When I walk onto the porch and shout after the children, "Kids...Supper...!", it takes me back, with a smile, to my years long past.

Writing: I spent many years yearning for the day when I could spend the majority of my time focused on writing. I'm getting closer, but still find myself wedging my writing time in between all the other activities that I juggle - teaching, making supper, marketing my books, training, taxi-ing the children to hockey, swimming, gymnastics, friends' houses... I write best early in the morning, when the entire world is still sleeping, even most of the morning birds. I steal myself quietly to my writing desk that overlooks my back forest and, with coffee in hand, I am free to write. Every now and then, I glimpse outside at the morning sun that peeks through the trees as it rises. 

My Name: I have chosen to write using my maiden name. And no, my son's name is not Graham Graham.

Hobbies: In my spare time, I love to read, play board games with my family, walk my dog, travel, motorcycle and train Taekwon-Do.

Dreams: We dream of hiding ourselves deep within a far off forest, where a brook lazily trickles by, in a rustic log cabin, recovering from this overly hectic life.